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Lawn Care
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Our lawn care and maintenance services will make your lawn healthier and more beautiful than it's ever been.

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Lawn Care & Maintenance in & Around Ankeny, Johnston, & Urbandale, IA

Our lawn care and maintenance services include fertilization, aeration, weed control, and more.

The best way to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful is by providing it with the necessary care and maintenance treatments that it needs. Our team at ETCH Outdoor Living offers a variety of lawn care and maintenance services including fertilization, weed control, lawn disease control, grub control, armyworm control, aeration, and overseeding. We provide these services to property owners in the Ankeny, Johnston, Urbandale, West Des Moines, and Waukee, IA, areas. Call us at (515) 654-5447 to schedule our lawn care and maintenance services today.

Landscape Bed Weed Control

Person Applying Weed Control To Landscape Beds

Weeds can be a nuisance, stealing nutrients from your plants and dragging down the curb appeal of your landscape beds. Fortunately, we're here to stop them in their tracks! Our team at ETCH Outdoor Living offers a landscape bed weed control service, where we can visit every month throughout the growing season to remove any weeds growing there.

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Plant Trimming

Trimming landscape hedges in Ankeny, IA.

All plants, both small and large, require trimming from time to time in order for them to grow optimally. Our trimming service will help upkeep your landscape plants so that their appearance continues to benefit your curb appeal. There are a few times each year when trimming should take place, and they are the growing seasons of spring and fall.

Our team can visit your property in the spring to freshen up your hedges and other plants so that they flourish with spring growth. In the fall, we can trim your plants one more time to remove any overgrowth from the summer in order to tidy them up one last time before winter dormancy takes place.

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Fall Cleanups

Removing fall leaves from a lawn near Urbandale, IA.

As the winter season approaches, you’ll want to get your property in shape to prepare it for the freezing weather. When you sign up for our fall cleanup service, we will remove leaves and debris from your property so they don’t cause problems for your vegetation over the winter and trim your shrubs to keep them neat and manicured throughout their dormant period!

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Spring Cleanups

Shovel beside replenished mulch landscape bed in Urbandale, IA.

When the warmer spring temperatures arrive, we’ll help prepare your property for the new growing season via our spring cleanup service. As part of this service, we can perform various tasks including trimming shrubs, replenishing the ground cover in your landscape beds, and redefining the edges of your beds! We offer this service starting when all of the snow is gone through the middle of May. 

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Ankeny, IA.

Our fertilization program consists of 7 steps that begin in the early spring and end in the late fall. We utilize a few different kinds of fertilizer throughout the program, including early summer fertilizer at step 3, slow-release fertilizer at step 5, and winterizing fertilizer at step 6.

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Weed Control

Field of clover weeds near Waukee, IA.

Weed control treatments are included in our fertilization program. We apply a combination of pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments to get rid of any existing weeds as well as protect your lawn from future weeds.

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We treat common weeds such as creeping Charlie, foxtail, and clover.

Lawn Disease Control

Brown patch lawn disease in Johnston, IA.

We treat many common lawn diseases including brown patch, dollar spot, and fairy ring. We typically treat these diseases in the mid-summer because that is when they most commonly appear.

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Armyworm Control

Armyworm found in soil in lawn in Bondurant, IA.

We offer both preventative and curative armyworm control treatments, depending on whether you are currently dealing with an armyworm infestation or want to prevent infestations in the future. We typically provide these services in the late summer or early fall.

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Lawn aerator machine plucking cores in lawn in Elkhart, IA.

We utilize commercial aerators to remove tiny cores of soil from your lawn. We usually offer our aeration service in the early fall and recommend that you schedule this service at least once a year.We offer our aeration service independently and in conjunction with our overseeding service.

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Overseeding machine in field near Bondurant, IA.

For our overseeding service, we use a mix of Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass seeds, which tend to germinate quickly. We also apply a starter fertilizer to help your seeds take root and grow faster. We always offer our overseeding service in conjunction with our aeration service.

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Grub Control

Grubs found in soil in Grimes, IA.

There is 1 step in our 7-step fertilization program that is used to apply a granular preventative grub control treatment. If grubs appear after we have applied preventative grub control, we will come back and treat them for free.

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Call our lawn care and maintenance experts today to get one step closer to achieving your dream lawn. Our team at ETCH Outdoor Living offers all of the services that you need to improve your lawn's overall health and appearance. We are a business that is dedicated to providing exceptional, high-quality, professional service. No matter what you need to be done, our professionals will do it for you. We are proud to offer our services to property owners in Ankeny, Johnston, Urbandale, West Des Moines, Waukee, IA, and throughout the surrounding areas. Call us at (515) 654-5447 to schedule our lawn care and maintenance services today!