As winter fades into spring, your lawn in Ankeny, IA, will emerge from dormancy and need vital nutrients to prepare for the new growing season. Fortunately, that's where fertilization comes in! You'll want to fertilize your turf once in the early spring to replenish the nutrients it used to survive the winter, then again at the end to gear it up for the impending summer. However, don't forget to apply pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments along with these spring fertilization applications to ensure pesky weeds don't steal that much-needed nourishment from your grass for themselves!

Fertilize Your Lawn Once in the Early Spring to Replenish Its Nutrients After Winter Dormancy

During the winter in Ankeny, IA, your lawn goes dormant to preserve its resources and survive the cold temperatures. However, as spring and warmer weather arrives, it'll emerge from dormancy in need of nutrients. Because of this, you'll want to fertilize your lawn once in the early spring, between March and April. This application will replenish what it lost, encouraging new growth and boosting its vibrant green color. That way, it can start the new growing season with a flourish.

Fertilize Your Lawn Again in Late Spring to Prepare It for the Stressful Summer Season

As spring progresses, your lawn in Ankeny, IA, will need another fertilization treatment in the late part of the season, between April and May. This application is crucial, as it replenishes the nutrients it used to recover from any winter-related stress and prepares it for the impending summer. The summer season is stressful for your turf since it struggles during hot conditions, so fertilizing it right before will build up its strength and provide the nourishment it needs to make it through while still looking great.

Remember to combine spring fertilization with pre- and post-emergent weed control!

Fertilizing your lawn twice in the spring is crucial to set it up for long-standing success. However, using weed control treatments is equally important! While spring is the start of the new growing season for your grass, the same goes for pesky weeds, which steal its nutrients away for themselves. Not only does this hinder its overall health, but curb appeal, too! So, you'll want to remember to combine spring fertilization with pre- and post-emergent weed control.

Pre-emergent treatments stop weeds from sprouting through the surface and causing problems for your lawn in the first place. You'll want to apply them with both spring fertilizer treatments to ensure you get ahead of them and provide ongoing protection. On the other hand, post-emergent treatments eliminate existing weed growth, and you'll want to administer these directly to any you notice during the late spring application. By utilizing both weed control treatments with spring fertilization, you can ensure your grass maximizes those nutrients without competing with nuisance weeds.

Some common weeds that can infiltrate your lawn in Ankeny, IA, include creeping Charlie, foxtail, and clover.

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