There are various lawn care services that are essential in promoting healthy and lush grass. One of them is overseeding, which involves spreading grass seeds on an existing lawn to bring in new grass growth that will fill bare and patchy areas. This lawn care service is beneficial for your lawn because it thickens your grass so it can fight off diseases and pests, crowd out weeds, and develop stronger roots. This service should be performed in the fall here in Iowa when conditions are ideal for active growth. To get the most out of this service, you should aerate your lawn beforehand and then apply a starter fertilizer to your lawn right after it's overseeded.

Why is overseeding beneficial for your lawn?

Overseeding is a lawn care service that involves scattering grass seeds on your existing turf to promote new growth. If your lawn recently suffered from a disease or a pest infestation and looks lackluster, overseeding is the perfect way to thicken it up and restore its lush appearance. Here's how overseeding benefits your lawn's overall success:

  • A dense lawn is less susceptible to pests and diseases. Overseeding fills in bare spots on your lawn, ridding any problematic areas and replacing them with healthier grass that can fight off infections and infestations.
  • A thick lawn can crowd out weeds. When your lawn is thick, it can crowd out weeds, preventing them from taking over your turf.
  • Overseeding promotes stronger roots. A lush lawn has a stronger root system that keeps it in place in the soil. With more vigorous roots, your grass will be better able to absorb the nutrients and resources it needs to thrive.

When should you overseed your lawn?

The best time to overseed your lawn is in the fall. During this season, the air and soil temperatures provide ideal growing conditions for active grass growth. By overseeding in the fall, you can take advantage of the weather conditions to provide the grass seeds with the perfect environment to germinate. What's more, lawns are often weak and struggling after the hot summer months. Fall is the best time to overseed summer-stressed lawns to rejuvenate their health and appearance!

Increasing your lawn's density in the fall helps ensure it is strong and lush to get through winter.

Get the Most Out of Overseeding Through Aeration & a Starter Fertilizer Treatment

Overseeding is an essential lawn care service that can give you a more beautiful lawn. To ensure you get the most out of this service, make sure you pair it with lawn aeration. Aerating your lawn means pulling tiny cores of soil from the ground to loosen compacted soil, allowing more nutrients, water, air, and sunlight to penetrate the ground and reach the roots. Having your lawn aerated first before overseeding allows the seeds to fall into the holes created during aeration, where they can get good seed-to-soil contact and access to vital resources.

After overseeding, you also want to apply a starter fertilizer treatment. This treatment will provide the grass seeds with the nutrients they need to germinate, giving them a kickstart for healthy growth.

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If you want a lusher and stronger lawn, overseeding is the lawn care service you need. At ETCH Outdoor Living, we offer our overseeding service to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Ankeny, Johnston, Urbandale, IA, and surrounding communities. When you hire us to overseed your lawn, we will use a 50-50 Kentucky bluegrass and perennial rye seed blend that thrives in our area. We will also administer a starter fertilizer treatment to help the new seeds grow strong. Give us a call today at (515) 654-5447 to sign up for our overseeding service!